29 FEBRUARY 2020


(A)Section between House & Board Room

  1. Door to outside area sanded and varnished.

  2. Gutters cleared and cleaned till into road

  3. Cement swept including the steps near the door.


     Outside Section by Washing Line

  1. Clear and clean gutters and drains

  2. Sweep cement

  3. Stack wood neatly

  4. Fix washing lines

  5. Clean behind and under the bins – pull the bins away from the wall and sweep. 

  6. Clean and tidy the braai area

  7. Clean up the leaves in the fake grass area.

  8. Clean the cover of the carport

  9. Back door needs to be varnished


(B)Inside Front of House in Merriman Road 

  1. Clean all leaves and papers on the artificial grass

  2. Weed garden under the windows as well as flower bed and stoep plants

  3. Water plants in the pallets against the wall

  4. Sweep front stoep, path and paving and remove any weeds between paving.

  5. The trampoline needs repairs 


      Outside Front House in Alice Street & Merriman Road

  1. Sweep gutters in the street

  2. Sweep pedestrian Walkway

  3. Remove any weeds

  4. Tidy up the tree on the corner – remove weeds and papers


(C)Maintenance Needs List

  1. Lounge Area: (a) Electrical Work - wiring closed up or tidied up.  (c)  Light fitting needed.  

  2. Office – Electrical work – wiring closed up.

  3. Bathrooms: (a) Plumbing – leaking taps need to be replaced.  We have the taps.   (b) broken tiles need to be replaced (e) The back bathroom needs an extractor.  (f)  The front bathroom needs a light fitting.

  4. Kitchen: Tiling – Broken tiles need to be replaced.  Leaking taps to be replaced


     Class Room

  1. The French door sliding rollers need to be replaced – struggle to open the door.

  2. All wood need to be varnished



(D)Our Treasure Trove Shop

  1. Open & close sign

  2. Times of the shop – signage



What you can do:


  • Choose a time slot from 7am to 4pm and choose what it is you would like to do.

  • Choose to do a job in your own time leading up to the 29th

  • Bring along your own cleaning materials for the job you choose to do.

  • Donate cleaning materials

  • Donate towards breakfast

  • Donate towards lunch

  • Donate towards two snack breaks


Menu: Breakfast:  9am - Scrambled eggs, toast with tomato sauce

You can donate: Eggs, oil, bread, margarine/butter, tomato sauce, juice and/or cool drink


Snack:  11am - Fruit

You can donate: Any fruit


Lunch:  1h30pm Hotdogs with sauce

You can donate: Rolls, viennas, tomato sauce, mustard sauce, chili sauce, barbecue sauce margarine/butter, juice and/or cool drink


Snack:  3h30pm - Something sweet

You can donate: Anything sweet, Juice and/or cool drinks


Rainbow House will supply coffee, tea, milk and sugar


For more information, contact:


Precious Maramba: 021 591 6610

Monday – Wednesday: 9am – 15:00