Would you like to volunteer and see South Africa? Rainbow of Hope offers a fantastic opportunity for you to see our beautiful country but you will also be exposed to the realities of everyday life!  Live in the community with a host family.  contact Emily Sadana or Sandra Senger for details of our families and fall in love with our children at Rainbow House.  (Which I'm sure you will!!) Most of our international vounteers to date have made a second trip at least and we always welcome those willing to contribute and make a positive inpact on the lives of the children. *


When contacting Emily Sadana (UK) or Sandra Senger (Germany) with regards to volunteering, please write a short essay about why you would like to volunteer at Rainbow of Hope, what it is you can contribute by way of skills and resources and what you would like to gain from the experience.  Please also state the length of time you plan on staying and what your basic needs will be. Thank you.